France creates a national device of Nutrivigilance

Anses, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & safety, launched on the 9th December a nutrivigilance mechanism. This mecahanism concerns Food supplements, drinks and food to which nutritional or physiologic substances have been added (also called enriched food), products aimed at a specific nutrition and new food stuffs.

The aim of this safety mechanism is to identify potentially undesirable effects linked to consumption of these products and to start targeted expertises.

The declaration of potentially undesirable effects linked to the consumption of this type of food and drinks can only be made by a health professional. The notifications are then analyzed by a technical committee and discussed with the companies and with the competent authorities to identify risk situations, which can afterwards undergo a collective expertise and assessment will then made public.

Exchange of information will take place between the Anses and Canada and The United States as they have similar systems.

Source: Afssa press release.